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Want to check out some of the community artists have come up with so far for the Kerran.  Talk about it with us here.

Feeling Loreded Over asks the Druid and relatively understanding question.  While yes it is a good question to ask.  There are many lore sites out their that have tracking the lore in EQNext as it is developed, while Landmarks assets are being improved upon for EQNext.  Really if come done to doing the research honestly.  If you interested in lore then  search for it.  Lore is one of those things of a game where some what to know, others nothing of it.   I say if you interested.  Look for it.  If not then well to each their own.

Love it?  Discuss it!
Toxa Vanschiver It took me a while to get away from the picture, and read. Good stuff.

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New workshop discussing the Kerran Lore and Style.  Talk about it here.

Kerran. Architecture. Question. Vote.

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