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Filip talks about leveling and how it has lost its meaning.  I tend to argree by what he stated. "In classic EverQuest, being max level was an accomplishment in and of itself. In 2000, it was more likely that your character would be somewhere between levels 1 and 60, rather than at the top. Characters at maximum level were awesome to behold, genuine titans among the rest of us."  I was one of those titans myself, and it was not easy to level back then.  Special when the term "hell" level was something to fear.  Again I come from a time when leveling, means player skill development.  Going from 1 to 60 in two weeks for endgame content is now and a very sad norm.

Why Do You Still EverQuest?

Yotan posted Tue at 18:02

A very legit question in a recent article by Filip.  "Why Do You Still EverQuest?"  While Everquest does not have the great honor of being one of the first MMO's like Neverwinter Nights.  It does have the honor among many second generation MMORPG's that were game changers to the entire genre.  Now Everquest turns 15 and Everquest II turns 10.  

Also if you have never seen the iksar in this comic go check it out at WTF Comics.
While this like bit of information is old as it has been posted before by Veluux.  Never the less Veluux was kind enough to give us most recent update with the last workshop.   Take a look and see what you think.

The Kerran workshop has come to a finish and now it's on to the third round.  This time: Ogres VS Dwarves!  Talk about it here.

Let’s Get Dangerous

Yotan posted Fri at 1:58

Presented by: Zutyn

Curious in Cabilis asks the druid a tough question.  "What do you think is missing from MMOs these days?"  While delving into to her a bit of brief history on her part.  She does bring up two good points, living on the Edge and consequences of consequences.

Anything you would like to share?

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