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Well you can't have a universe if you don't establish the lore first. So get a brief understanding of the EQN Lore framework.

Smokejumper layed out the new blue print for Landmark.  We are getting into Phase 1 on the Road towards open beta according to it and they have many more goodies coming our way.  Look for PVE coming down the pipes along with cave 2.0 (they go down to the core now!).  Other features we will see are achievements, lakes, rivers, redoing of character creator, large humans, and much more.  Talk about it in the Blue Print thread!

For those that love the kitties tell'em what pelts you want!

It's time for combat!  The combat patch for Landmark is dropping with three different kinds of PVP: Zone Control, Free-For-All Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch.  Death Penalty is turned on as well is falling damage.  Weapon mats are getting ready to be uploaded to the server as well.  So look forward to it, enjoy it, and talk about it here!

As we all know SOE Live 2014 was last week.  If you didn't know.  Well... That is one hell of a rock.  So both SOE and Storybrick are going to be delivering to us player content in some unique was.  Not only lead up EQN launch but also while in EQN.  Get caught up on what you missed here, and as always enjoy!

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