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Soon we are going large update soon and it will affect many things.  The islands are going away and being replaced with various shaped continents.  Surface caves will be making a come back and claimed.  We will also see cave being revamped and ending in less dead ends.  And for those that like combat, NPCs will now only patrol the underground with varying levels of difficulties.

To read more on it, check out the post here.

Oh and the picture above, is the of the new underwater biome., enjoy!

It has been quiet however Veluux breaks his silence and gives us a brief Lore Overview.  It a large and good read for those that need to be caught up on things lore wise.

Talk about it!

Maxwell Drake has graced us with a new EQN novella for us to enjoy.  Dreaming in Shadow.

It has been a while since the last EQHammer article has come out, specially by Veluux.  However this time it is Sponsered Content that will be giving us a bit of encouragement. 

What do you think?

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Presented by: SummerSnowflakes

So in every storm, problem, or general issue that occurs, many try to find the silver lining in the clouds, but can't see it.  To find this hopeful side of a situation that might seem gloomy on the surface.  As in the case of EQN and the very receive issues with Columbia Nova axing many of our beloved Devs, and the forums being adjusted and moved, all in the name of "corporate realignment".   Like many of you I call bullshit as well.    However, all is not lot and if you have been hiding under a rock or completely turned your back and put your focuses toward other things, you may have missed something important.    

Massively Overpowered release a short article on March 13, 2015 dubbed EverQuest Next ditches lore and general discussion forums.  Now sure that title only reminds us of the harsh and bitter heart break that well felt several weeks ago, and the wounds have not closed yet.  With that being said, I gave the article a chance.  Sure it was mainly about the forums and the receive will adjustment, but toward the end of the article I saw it.  The ray of light shining through the bleak storm clouds, that have been raining upon us continually for the past month.

It could have easily been missed by many, hell even I missed it.  Which honestly isn't saying much, but I hold no illusions that I am still holding on to my faith of EQN.   It was in a tweet that was sent out by Dexella, and it is quoted:

“lore threads are being moved to News/Announcements for now. They’re not gone.”

I know what you’re saying, "So what?" in the grumpy voice equivalent to an old man in his elder years waiting upon the specter of death to descend upon him and release his binding soul of his corporeal husk.   Well think about it.  Better yet look for yourself in the News, Announcements, and Dev Discussions thread.  There they are [Lore] after [Lore] post.   

"What does the mean?"  You ask, hesitated of being hurt again as I grab my crayon and write it out in the colors of life, keeping close to silver.

Each and every lore post, that has or will be posted now first and center upon news forum board.  It is news that the Roleplayers are still interested in EQN, that we as part of the targeted audience still are a beacon for those that have lost their way during the storm month.   To Daybreak Games showing us that the lore is important and is still a vital part of their game, and our sources of entertainment.  Every post that is tagged with the subtle [Lore], which eats, sleeps, and breaths [Lore].  Show not only Day Break, but Columbia Nova that we the Roleplayers.  Yes all of us from the light Rp'ers to the heavy hitters that want to take a VERY dirty bath in the lore, only to hop back into the action of RPing our characters, those races we enjoy, the friends, and companions we make along the way.

So I say we Roleplayers stand up, shake off the blades of doom and gloom.  Coalesce as a whole, brandish out weapons of our craft and creativity.   Stand fast and hold the line.  Remember the great speech of Captain Kirrahe, "Hold the line."

So what say you Roleplayers?  Are we just nerds, geeks, or gamers?  Nah! Do we just make stories, and play our characters?  Nah!  We are weavers of events and actions, consequences and reward, enjoyment and disappointment!  We are the percentage of games that look beyond the mechanics, look beyond our characters and delve deep into the game’s history, events, cataclysms and full immersion ourselves in to even life, character, and race that exist within the platform of a game.  We are the tomb raiders of gaming!  We are Legion!   

So take the example of Kayla Moonstone on the board and start posting your stories once again.   Discuss what we hold dear in the forums.   Plan, scheme, design, propose, gleam, and suggestion all that we can about EQN.  For we need to show not only Daybreak Games, but other gamers that EQN is not dead.  That the life has not ebbed from the veins of this game changing beast, that it has only been weakened.  For everyone knows that what does not kill only makes them stronger!!

I ask again!

What say you?!  <---Discuss it there!

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