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While many of us still hurt, Veluux gives up several rays of sunshine.   Please enjoy.

Tell us what your silver lining in the cloud you are still looking at?

The march towards EQN continues on.  We have lost some along the way but progress pushes forward.  Landmark Senior Producer Terry Michaels recently made a new post about the progress.  The Landmark Live show is scheduled to return on Tuesday, Feb 17 at 10:00am PST with the Workshop Show airing on Thursday, Feb 19 at 11:00am PST.  Rosie is scheduled to discuss more of the Qeynos project along with player builds.  They are also finalizing plans to updating the roadmap and other items.  So keep looking forward to that.

As many of us have heard, there has been a series of layoff from former staff members at SOE/Daybreak.  Daybreak has stated they are commited to still releasing EQN.  Even some of the former staff has stated that the layoffs were expected and that the company took care of the employees to help with after being laid off.  They also are encouraging players to still play and look forward to the games that they helped create.  

I know we will all miss the personalities of those that have left and the guiding light the provided as the showed us the new creation of EQN.  I too will miss them but I will still wait and see what the future holds for us all and I look forward to one day playing EQN with everyone.


Sony has sold off SOE to an investment firm named Columbus Nova.  SOE has changed their name to Daybreak Game Company with Smedley as the president.  Chat about it here.

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