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While it has been rather quiet on the EQN news front, Landmark is pushing for something big.  Their blueprint show that they are expecting to have PVE combat starting December.  It's not just static either, Shayalan from EQHammer put up a nice article talking about the items expected to come out in December.  The blue print on Landmarks forums re-enforce this idea.

Smokejumper has stated that they are planning on having a complete gameplay loop by the end of the year where you can go fight monsters, gather loot,  advance your power level of your character, and much more.

Ogres!  Learn more about them in the new workshop here along with higher resolution images of their society.

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A good question, honestly a hell of a good question if you ask me.  Veluux once again discussion the finer points and hit the Nail on the head

While I don't speak for all games or even all Roleplayers.  I for one believe the story of a game is super important.  While yes the gameplay, and replay ability is also important.  The story, lore, and all the others treats that come with a game should be presented well.   SO EQN it is very important as all of the Everquest franchise has had SO MUCH lore built into it.  Have EQN lack in that department is well... A crime against nature.   Moorgard and his team of authors have a lot of work ahead of them.   I for one am a bottomless pit when it comes to lore.  Most people never realized in until, I believe sentinel's Fate in EQ2 and even then you had to dig to fine it,  That both EQ1 and EQ2 had a continue prophecy revealing around the Shissar Calendar. Oh and spoiler alert.  Will we see that kind of hidden gem in EQN?  One an only hope.

Filip talks about leveling and how it has lost its meaning.  I tend to argree by what he stated. "In classic EverQuest, being max level was an accomplishment in and of itself. In 2000, it was more likely that your character would be somewhere between levels 1 and 60, rather than at the top. Characters at maximum level were awesome to behold, genuine titans among the rest of us."  I was one of those titans myself, and it was not easy to level back then.  Special when the term "hell" level was something to fear.  Again I come from a time when leveling, means player skill development.  Going from 1 to 60 in two weeks for endgame content is now and a very sad norm.

A very legit question in a recent article by Filip.  "Why Do You Still EverQuest?"  While Everquest does not have the great honor of being one of the first MMO's like Neverwinter Nights.  It does have the honor among many second generation MMORPG's that were game changers to the entire genre.  Now Everquest turns 15 and Everquest II turns 10.  

Also if you have never seen the iksar in this comic go check it out at WTF Comics.
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