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There is a new style guide out for EQN and this time it features the Elves and the Takish Empire.

Landmark is changing it's islands and Massively has the shots of the new islands.  Expect a lot more diversity in your playgrounds now.

Vhanz Oooh, I like it a lot!

Landmark will be down for the next 48 hours as they apply a massive patch.  Now this will include a full wipe of everything but the up side is they are planning on this being the last wipe before the Open Beta wipe.  This is a good indication that Open Beta Landmark is coming and following close on its heels...Everquest Next beta.

*EDIT*  We now have the patch notes for the new update.

So what do you guys think of it?  It's there new official logo.  Chat about it here.

Soon we are going large update soon and it will affect many things.  The islands are going away and being replaced with various shaped continents.  Surface caves will be making a come back and claimed.  We will also see cave being revamped and ending in less dead ends.  And for those that like combat, NPCs will now only patrol the underground with varying levels of difficulties.

To read more on it, check out the post here.

Oh and the picture above, is the of the new underwater biome., enjoy!

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